Window Film Instructions

Please read all instructions prior to application

This film can be applied to all smooth clean glass, acrylic, or mirrored surfaces.  The film is not affected by condensation.  It is not for use on outdoor surfaces, or inside where it will subject to intense heat (e.g. behind a stove) or in the direct line of water spray in a bath or kitchen. It has a multi-directional (all-over) pattern, so it can be placed vertically or horizontally.

Getting Started:

The night before application, unroll your film and place it fully open on a flat surface. Allowing it to ‘rest’ a minimum of 8 hours helps to settle the natural curling and relax the tunneling (occasional separation of the film from the backing paper) making the application much easier. 

     Use a flat, clean surface such as a tabletop on which to work.

     Do not handle film when wearing clothes with loose fibers.

     Do not install in strong sunlight or on a very hot or very cold day.

     If covering an area more than 30 inches / 80 cms wide or long, it is easier to have 2 people handling the film.


Equipment you will need:

  • Window squeegee
  • Pencil
  • Spray bottle containing cold water
  • Tape measure
  • Sharp scissors
  • Window scraper to clean the window prior to installation
  • Craft knife or razor blade
  • Cloth to mop up excess water


  1. Clean the glass thoroughly.  Remove all paint spots with a window scraper. Let the area dry.


  1. Measure the area to be covered. Measure in various places across and down to get the correct dimensions as windows are not always straight.


  1. Turning the film, so the back faces you, measure out the dimensions of the surface and then add 1/2 inch / 1cm of material on all sides. Cut using sharp scissors.


  1. Lay the film with the pattern face down on a tabletop.  Gently peel off the backing paper.  Be careful not to crease the film while removing the paper.  Spray the film with a light coating of water as you peel the backing away. It’s best to have one person spray as a 2nd person peels the backing from the film.


  1. Hold the top two corners of the film with your finger and thumb.  Place the film on the glass and move into position, lining up the top of the film with the top of the area being covered and lightly press into place.


  1. To carefully smooth out the film, place your squeegee at the top center of the film and make small sweeping movements outward, toward each side of the window.  Repeat this left-right motion moving down the length of film, squeezing the water to the edges and bottom of the window.  Stand back to check that all the bubbles have been removed, if not go over the film again with the squeegee.


  1. Trim the edges with a craft knife.  Then smooth across the whole surface in all directions with the squeegee to help remove any remaining water or air bubbles.


  1. If any bubbles still exist, pop the edge of the bubble with a pin and then squeeze the water toward the pinhole with your fingers.


  1. THE FILM NOW NEEDS TO DRY FOR AT LEAST 36 HOURS.  Any remaining condensation (foggy effect) between the film and window will dry during the course of the first week after the application.



Clean only with a lint free cloth; do not use any abrasive cleaning materials or cloths.


To Remove

Gently warm the surface using a hairdryer, then peel back the film from one corner until you get a firm grip.  When you are sure you have a firm hold, pull briskly away from the glass. Any remaining glue residue on the surface can be removed with mineral spirits and a window scraper.